ok so i want to be able to once and a while monitor what my kids are doing on our other computer, we have a router, and i've managed to access it so i can disable access to their computer but thats not wat i want, i am often finding several times a week that the history is being cleared by 1 or more of them, and dont want them to be browsing inappropriate sites, so wat im looking for is help monitoring them, possibly with remote access or even like just being able to monitor what they are browsing from the privacy of my computer, but without them knowing, if there is a software, that loads behind the scene, without a taskbar logo, or a promt, of even like "loading name" when the computer is rebooted, and will automatically show up on start up, that would be great, thank you

it doesnt have to be a program either, btw their computer is XP, mines 98se, and they are quite a bit more knowledged about computers than myself