I have a WI-FI notebook that has 802.11g ethernet in it and a Desktop that has the wireless base station, cable modem, ethernet cords hooked up to it and everything. I've done everything the microsoft MN-700 Wireless-G base station instructions have told me to do. I've installed everything (i think) on the notebook. The note book can pick up the signal of the base station fine, but it cant access the internet of the desktop-base-station computer. On the notebook i can connect to the base station but i cant connect to the workgroup, and cant access the internet. The desktop has a new DHCP ip now and i'm not really sure how that works i've even tried setting it back to the original static ip. I'm sure i've hooked everything up correctly, I'm not trying to figure out what configuration's aren't correct. Or maybe I haven't correctly set up the adapters for the notebook. Do i need to set up anything for it if the WIFI stuff is already built in?

Please help me...i am clueless


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i have a similar problem...

recently i bought a wireless network card so i can connect my notebook and desktop together P2P. I am able to get a connection but thats where it ends. Cant share files, cant ping, cant do anything with eachother..

I used static IP addressing cos i dont really need ICS on my notebook.

Desktop IP:
Notebook IP:

Workgroup name is same on both comps.

My firewall software has been turned off on my desktop and i havent installed anything on my notebook.

Now on my desktop Im able to see the notebook in network places but not on my notebook.

When I try to ping each other i just get a request timeout.
ping Notebook 2 desktop = request timeout
ping desktop 2 notebook = request timeout

My notebook is running win XP Pro and my desktop is win 2000 Pro..

Ive tried uninstalling networking on my notebook but still not working..

But im pretty sure its my notebook problem because networking doesnt even work on an ethernet LAN

I've had problems with WinXP Pro myself on MULTIPLE... wait... no... EVERY configuration I've ever set up... for the most part, they've been situated within a few min of settings/tweaks.

The WinXP Home Networking Wizard is completely worthless, but I've sometimes set my static IPs on the LAN, configured all my settings EXACTLY they way they are supposed to be..... and nada....

In those cases, I've ran the "Setup a Home or Small Office Network" wizard with the same workgroup info using DHCP, and voila!!! it works... then I'd switch back to a Static IP, and it still worked... since then, I've adopted that DHCP is the easiest way to go, and causes me less problems unless I'm trying to remotely connect a computer, I have to scan the network to find the current IP for the box.

If you are using ICS it can get even more complicated... I recently had my desktop with two NIC cards, and a modem. The modem accessed the internet, the 1st NIC card sent the connection to the "Internet" port on my Linksys WRT54G to share the connection, and the 2nd nic card went to an ethernet port on the same router to share/use resources on the LAN.

I've never used or set up any of the new MSoft wireless equipment, but they sure "claim" that it is sooooooo easy... ha... [choking on tears of laughter]

The most common problems I've ran into with any type of networking wired/wireless, are firewalls. Either on the PC itself, or inside the base-station/router/WAP/etc.


My experience has been that WinXP doesn't like other company's firewall products. I've tried McAffee, Norton, and Zone Alarm, and run into all kinds weird network problems when attempting to use Firewalls other than the one that comes with WinXP. Also, I've had problems with Microsoft Routers when attempting to run mixed computer environments. As long as all you ever use is Windoze, they may work.

The best thing to do is replace that Microsoft Router with one by DLink or Linksys. Internet Connection sharing is unecessary then, as you can use DHCP to automatically assign addresses to all the computers on your network.

Hello. I joined this forum just a couple of minutes ago. I don't know if you can help me. Here it goes.

I am trying to set up a wireless p2p (adhoc) network. I have the desktop equipped with an asus wireless network card. It is a p4 3.00 GHz, a real gaming machine, but this last part does not really have smthing to do with it.
The laptop equipped with an integrated wireless lan card, p4 2.6GHz, both computers running xp sp2.
I tried last night, I am not experienced in wlan so did everything by reading a few articles on the internet, tried different settings, but at all times none of the machines recognised the other, or even showed the other in available networks. I read before that this may be a problem created from sp2, but I am not really sure. Can you send me your oppinions?
Any idea would be greatly appreciated.

jack720 - you've definately ensured that both machines are set-up for ad-hoc rather than infrastructure mode? And have you enabled or disabled WEP/WPA/any other encryption protocols? If enabled, have you ensured that you're using the right key and phrases?


jack720 - you've definately ensured that both machines are set-up for ad-hoc rather than infrastructure mode? And have you enabled or disabled WEP/WPA/any other encryption protocols? If enabled, have you ensured that you're using the right key and phrases?


I am sure that both machines have been set up for ad-hoc. Now as for disabling, or using the wep/wpa keys, I am not familiar with. Can you please send me some tips? I would appreciate it very much.
You can send me an email.

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