how to draw a real time graph for upstream and downstream bandwidth at the router??

Im pretty sure the tomato firmware which can go on most linksys devices has bandwidth graphs that you can watch.

I saw the graph i want 2 draw in a similar fashion but for the graph to draw v hav to use any software or any algorithm????

Are you trying to write software to draw a graph of incoming and outgoing packets?

The answer is yes, yes you do need algorithms for that... and probably openGL and C.
No, I won't give you codes for it, but you are welcome to post that in the C++ or C forums.

k..dont give codes but i want codes in java. And want to know how real time graphs work..

yes we are trying to write code to calculate incoming and outgoing packets and based on that we have to draw real tie graphs..

This has the source code. So you can just refactor and extend the classes to meet your needs.

Please see the documentations for SWING api and graphics api:

You should refer to these and then when you get stuck post your problems to the Java forums in daniweb. Please do not post java threads in the Networking forum.


From the user's perspective, upstream network traffic flows away from the local computer toward the remote destination. Conversely, downstream traffic flows to the user's computer. Traffic on most networks flows in both upstream and downstream directions simultaneously, and often when data flows in one direction, network protocols often send control instructions (generally invisible to the user) in the opposite direction.

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