Until recently I have had no problems with my internet connection, in the end of June I connected my daughters desktop computer to a wireless connection upstairs, since then I have had nothing but problems. Previously she had been using a laptop on the same wireless dongle downstairs so I do not believe it has anything to do with her computer/wireless connection.

It began that if she was connected then I could not connect and vice versa, then my friend who is brilliant on computers came and solved this for a few weeks. Then we could connect the same time but the connection began dropping when I came off the computer, because my daughter thought I was switching off the router just to annoy her, which I wasn't. I noticed that on my D-Link router the internet light at this time would be red, I found that switching off the router for a minute would solve this, it worked for about two weeks until it was more off than on, so I bought another router and everything was respectably fine with minimal loss of connection.
Then last week I began to notice that my web pages were taking forever to load so I did a systems restore to no avail, then the connection began to drop again!!

Presently I can surf for about 10-15 mins before the connection drops, I thought it was my computer so I did virus scans, registry cleans you name it, I tried it, but its happening to my daughter computer upstairs also so its not my computer!

My isp is talk talk and apparently they recently changed servers themselves but was informed that all the 'hic-ups' had been sorted a few weeks ago, which would have matched with my initial problems. They say there is nothing wrong with my line, I have ordered a new router from them and a tuning kit yesterday, but I genuinely don't think this will solve the problem.
I have, under the advice of a computer technician, plugged my router directly into the phone socket, but I still keep losing connection. This is so frustrating, as no mater what time I go on-line, whatever I'm doing it keeps dropping my connection.

Please can somebody help?

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I have owned a dlink router and the firmware inside went bad when it was updated if you have recently done this (before the problem arose) then i would recommend that you revert to a previous version of the firmware. If you did not do this then I would say that the router that you have is dieing on the wireless side (possible both if there is a wired connection as well). This can, and does happen unfortunatly.

If i may make a suggestion i would go to a linksys router. I have done this myself from my d-link and have had no issues at all.

I bought a new router the Huawei HG520b, this is the one I am currently using an which keeps dropping the connection, even thought I still lost the connection with the D-Link it never booted me out of sites like this one does :(

This is something that i ran into when i was looking up your issue. I am unfamiliar with that router and it sounds to me as though it is from your ISP. In the mean time I will continue to look up information about it to see what i can find (you also might reset to factory defaults, if you have not already then do the bottom part to see how long that lasts.

when you experience drops have you noticed which modem lights go out? Could you make sure the modem is set as nailed up in the modem settings. To do this with the HG520:

* Open your web browser
* type in the address bar and press enter
* In the box that appears type admin for the username and password and press OK
* Click on basic then wan setting in the left hand side menu
* Scroll down and click "nailed up" in the connection section (the dot should now be in nailed up)
* Scroll to bottom of page and click "submit" to save the settings

When you say boot you out of sites what do you mean?

Last night out of sheer frustration I reverted back to my D-link router, at least with this one I know when the internet is down as the internet light goes red, with the HG520 I just constantly couldn't connect, I've tried factory reset, pressing the reset button, restoring my computer all the anti-virus I could, I just don't know what to do. When I say boot I either get a message to update my page as changes have been made, or that I have lost internet connection or their page is not available or cannot be displayed! this can be when I'm browsing or just reading through the page, while writing this message I have had to switch off my router four times so far and it is currently 6:45am in Wales so not a peak time or anything, yet my friend who lives minutes away has no problem with her network which is the same as mine, I just don't know what's going on.

I have received my new router, changed all the wiring and had my profile changes from 12db to 15db interleaved by a member of the isp team and things seem to be better, I can currently surf for up to two hour before the connection drops, so improvement is seen

Thanks guys for all your help xx

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