Hi Wonder if you can help, have borrowed a laptop and am trying to get onto my wireless network. the connection is made bbut comes up with acquiring address in the top right hand corner of connection details. I then get a bubble saying there is no certificate log. Have been into help and added a certificate log (console 1) but nothin has happened. On doing IPCONFIG there is no IP Address/gateway number showing.

Yesterday i did a repair and after about 5 hours a new IP address was asigned, but when computer was shut down and restarted the IP address had disappeared.

I am reasonably IT literate but this is really fazzing me. HELP!

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What happens if you assign a static IP that is within the range on your network?

Without wanting to sound really green, how would i do that? And where would i get the static IP address.

I have tried putting in the IP address from my main computer but that does not work. Also tried disconnecting another Laptop at home to see if its down to the router being overloaded. There are currently 2 laptops and a desk top computer running off the same router.

It happened to me sometimes: To solved that:

1- I assigned a static IP address (It should works by now)
2- After awhile, I changed back to 'Obtain an IP address automatically'
3- And it should works fine, even though after shut down your computer

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