I've client and server on my wireless LAN , I can easily ping from client to server any time n, similarly i can ping from server to client for one time and after the application is run. I cannot ping again to the client from server. Why this is happening please help

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Make sure that IPSEC is not enabled, or any other type of dynamic filtering is enabled on either computer.

If you are making a connection, then it subsequently fails, it sounds like some type of filtering is being enabled on the fly.

from where can ni disable the filtering?

I'd start with checking on IPSEC. To do so, run the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) by going to Start | Run, entering mmc, and clicking OK. Add the IP Security Monitor snap-in by going to File | Add/Remove Snap-in, clicking Add, and selecting its name. This will show you which policy is active as well as the authentication method.

Also check to make sure you do not have some third party firewall or anti-malware service running that is causing this.

You could also try booting both boxes in "Safe Mode with Networking" and see if you have this problem. If you dont, then you can assure yourself that something is running on either or both boxes to cause this issue.

it is the virus prob ..... or some of trojen has doing that work after staring that app the trojen started its working so it would happ to you ......so do one thing make ur server in boot scanning mode with quickheal 2012 it will resolve ur que... and about ipsec it is used to put the security and acceessing the things.....but in such case we can not use ipsec...

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