hi ..
So I have this problem on my laptop .
I had to reformat the Hd and so I set up the internet wireless as before but now it won't let me connect.even with the lan cable it's the same. I get the signal ok and it tells me the laptop is connected but if i open IE it just gives me that can't find page..and no programs will connect. now today windows gave me a funny error " ip conflict " or some thing..
I am running windows xp sp 3 fresh install of a Toshiba satellite ..any one please ..

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Try typing into the URL bar. The number is www.google.com's IP address. What I'm thinking is that there may be something wrong with DNS (the protocol used to translate names like "google.com" into IP addresses that computers can understand) on your computer. By using the website's IP address rather than its hostname, www.google.com , you circumvent DNS and find out if it's the cause of the problem.
If this is not your problem, it'd be helpful to know what kind of router you're using.
While you're figuring that out, open up command prompt and type ipconfig , then note the number that the computer gives on the lines that say IPv4 Address. . . . and "Default Gateway . . . ." Then, post the output of the following commands:

ping <IPv4 address>
ping <default gateway>

Where <IPv4 address> and <default gateway> are the numbers you saw in the output for ipconfig . You can leave out the "<" and ">" brackets.

are you using Static Ip Or DHCP, if you are using dhcp ip,, go to run command type the following,,,

ipconfig /release press enter

ipconfig /renew press enter

see what happens..

sorted thanks . was the DNS.
sent a small donation as a thanks ;)

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