hey everyone, hope you people alright there.

I got a computer lab and it is on 16 computer, had done networking and switches and everything of basic, what else I can do with the but dont have a server and i dont need one, but i want to apply some policies to users and also some best networking tips to make the lab better day by day, want to share few folders for lab purposes as well, also have to block or restrict some social networking sites.
basically, teacher come in lab and make their examination papers and other necessary stuff which i need under my control being incharge there.

Kindly, guide me through.
I got windows xp and windows 7 on computer.

thanks in advance

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So, based on your description it sounds like you have a simple workgroup setup. You are interested in setting polocy on the computers and possibly doing some URL/content filtering.

Without additional hardware/software, its going to be challenging to apply the additional layers of security you described.

Do you have access to a perimeter based firewall with URL filtering, or proxy server?

With regard to applying policies at the user/computer level, it can be done on stand-alone systems, but it will be much easier if you deploy Active Directory services.

If you need centralized storage, you can use any of the systems you currently have, but it would make more sense to setup a dedicated server, or better yet, a network attached storage device. You also need to consider a backup/recovery plan for you data.

Just to add a little to Jorge with whom I totally agree having set up several networks in schools with serious hackers!,! I fully endorse all the above , without a central well protected server it is impossible to set up a safe network that will give you the protection you need.
Best of luck

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i think all above answer are good the only thing you will need now is to deploy Active Directory services.

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