Hi there, this is my setup I recently installed 3 PCs downstairs in my church. Upstairs in the office I have my dsl modem connected to my linksys router that has 2 PCs already connected. I ran CAT-5 cable from upstairs to downstairs, i just ran the cable i have not attached the RJ-45 clips to it. I bought a linksys 5-port switch for downstairs to connect the 3 PCs in order to be internet accessible. My question is the cable that i ran from the office upstairs to downstairs do i make that a crossover cable that plugs into the switch? Also to connect the 3 other PCs do I have to connect them with a crossover cable as well? I am unsure if i use a crossover cable or a straight-thru cable, your help and advice would be much appreciated to this confused individual, thanks!

Its better if you go with straight because cross connection only applied in direct PC to PC. Also switch will automatically recognise the input and output. For colour code information search in Google.

generally you connect two hubs with a cross cable. but the new switches are capable of recognizing the cable and work with straight cables.

pc to switch is always a straight cable.

p.s. your router's four lan ports are a switch as well, of course.