I've posted this on a couple other forums.. haven't got an answer yet so I guess i'll try here.

For the past four years, i've been using a D-Link 604 for Adelphia High Speed Internet. Just last year, I switched over to Yahoo! DSL and had no problem with connection for both computer.

Recently though (maybe in the past 5 months), my D-Link router turned to crap and won't connect at all. It did connect maybe 3-4 times but it would kick me off. I'm assuming either the router died out or it's not really compatible with Yahoo DSL?

So i'm looking at two different routers: a Linksys BEFSR41 or a NetGear RP614. Both have positive and negative reviews and I am unsure which one to get. May anyone recommend which one I should chose or is it really up to me?


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I've personally had good luck with both of those model lines, but I've also heard first-hand horror stories about both from other techs. I think the "YMMV" caveat probably will apply here.

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