Hi all, basically i would like to know if there is a keylogger software i can put on spouses phone wuthout actualy having VERY limited acess to the phone. Any help would be so greatfull. Cliffy

rubberman commented: Hacking like this is probably illegal! -3

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I'm not an attorney, but I think what you want to do is illegal in most states in the US and most countries abroad as a violation of privacy and/or felony computer hacking. You would do so at your own risk - if you get caught you are likely to be in deep doodoo (and probably divorced pdq). So, don't ask us to help you break the law and hack systems like this... :-(

Well, I know it may not good to monitor people in secret because it may involve privacy. But sometimes we need to figure out the doubts in our mind and make a right decision. I could recommend iKeyMonitor. This software runs in stealth mode and it can record texts and phone calls. You can know what your wife is doing. Maybe you can have a try. But I think you’d better think it over.

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