i have xbox live and i can play in ranked matches and everything but i don't know how to get my headset working i can't speak to anyone:'(

please help me

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Are you sure you have everything connected correctly?

my connection is good enough to play just not to talk to people i think

Maybe there's something wrong with the headset.

Also, you might want to check if you have the right kind of headset.

I had the same thing, what you want to do is press the xbox button (on the controller) keep going to the right of that screen until you reach a lst of things with system settings on it. Next step is to, go to preferences then go to voice. Make sure your volume is turned up ad the microphone dosent say mute, and the voice output isent on play through Both and its on play through microphone... (if this dosent work try the other following solution)

Do the same thing, click the xbox button ( on the controller) keep scrolling to the right till you reach the end, then go to Notifacations and tick every box if its unticked, hope this helped!

If, some three and a half years after asking the question, his headset is still not working I would assume the chap has got used to it...

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I think any problem in your related hardware. Are you sure everything is OK.

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