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We're now told that class 5 driverless vehicles are really the only way we'll ever see them in mainstream use and that it is a not too distant future - with all that it entails, some aspects of technology will be hauled up to spec and things will inevitably look dated, possibly even drones and maybe driverless cars themselves will be bypassed in favour of flying driverless transport..., who knows...

So my question, what should stretch the limits of what is currently known by anyone, is about a concept I penned a good few years ago now, easily leaning on a full decade, that still has possible useful purpose and function in the present and foreseeable future...

  • Essentially it's a hands free computer, but these are the vital prerequisites [while the rest of the concept was pure fantasy]....;

    It flies - the user may refer to it as 'a satellite' complimenting their cerebral existence....
    It harvests energy as part of it's physical construction - whether solar, kinetic or otherwise, it [efficiently] runs forever, or until it breaks.
    It is transparent until you need to see information on it, whereupon it contrasts well enough in full daylight.
    It is never experiencing lag/buffer/upgrade or any incursion known to impede full & rapid processing
    The user is naturally imbued with ways to interface, all this is taken into consideration - we are a species built on communication after all.
    To read more and for the 'sci-fi' gen and to get an idea of it's aerobatic ability, please direct your browser; https://christianhilton.wordpress.com/2008/01/20/the-year-is-twelvty-ten/

Look forward to hearing from you :)