hello experts,

i have a HP Elitebook 8460p, 4 GB RAM, HD intel graphics 3000

everything on the laptop ran smoothly and very good, until 2 weeks ago it started to lag really badly. I tried everything, i have latest driver updates, no maleware, spyware or virus on the laptop, i ran diskcleaners, i cleaned the fan, i defragmented etc. etc, nothing helped, do you have any ideas what else i could try ?

thank you in advance

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Some viruses / malware are VERY hard to find, and may not be detected by your tools. Another possibility is that the drive is starting to fail, and a lot of the lag is due to the system re-reading disc sectors until they get them successfully. Most modern system drives have a thing called S.M.A.R.T. - this is software that runs on the drives themselves and monitors them for bad sectors, overheating, etc. Here is a link to a list of such tools. You will probably want to look at the drive SMART data next.



My question would be where is it lagging? Is it when accessing the internet or when you are simply running normal applications. And you mentioned running disk cleaners have you checked out any of the registry cleaners (like CCleaner or Gleary utilities). It could be that some of the entries in the registry are corrupted or point to files no longer there and that really confuses windows.

Check in taks manager to see which application uses too much CPU and unintall it.

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