I am new to game development and programming. I wanted to develop a very simple game for the WII game console. I am 11 years old and I do have some development software, I have visual studio 2008 professional. My question is how do you get the SDK’s for the WII system? I was able to get them for the xbox 360, but I cant seem to find them for the WII. If anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.

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You need to represent a game company with development + release experience, and pay sums for a licence to get your hands on the official Wii SDK.

If you're talking about C# + XNA as being 'the Xbox360 SDK', you're a bit out, XNA is not the complete XBox360 SDK.

You can usually get dev-kits for last-gen consoles easier than you can current-gen i.e., today I can aquire a PS2 dev-kit easily, but not a PS3 dev-kit. ( Even this is probably legally 'shady' though; it's something of a back-of-the-shop affair ).


Do you know any programming languages? Before using SDKs you're going to need some basic coding knowledge. C++ is probably what you should shoot for (if you've found XNA and used it, you would be using C#, Microsoft's variant of C++). Learn C++. Some people may say its too difficult to learn as a first language, but I learned it as my first real language, and it wasn't too bad.


It doesn't look as though you can get the Wii SDK legally without a license, so MattEvans must be right. However, I have heard of people designing flash games to be played with the Wii's web browser. A quick search and http://wiioperasdk.com/ came up, that looks pretty promising if you still want to design for the Wii.

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