Last week I started having a problem with Google Chrome.

Unwanted Advertisements open in a new tab (between my home page tab and my email page tab:


I am running an IBM Thinkcentre with Windows XP Professional... Google Chrome 20.0.1132.57 and I also use Foxfire daily and have not had the problem.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Maybe you might want to re-install Google Chrome, and if that fails, I am guessing this may be some sort of malware. Which you can fix by downloading an Anti-Virus, like Avast!

That may be worth a, I do have Norton 360, have run scans and Norton Power eraser. Thanks, THP

exact same problem, running Avast, also checked with spybot and malwarebytes, started around the same time and opening the same tabs

chodson, I looked at programs that I installed that could have caused the problem. Did you install a program that was recommended by "Kim Komando" called WordWeb? I'm wondering if it has some type of adware?

Thanks, THP

I have not installed the program you mention above. I've had that mate1 one also. I have to assume that something has gotten into our browsers that is not yet being caught by the AV programs or adblock or Malwarebytes or Spybot types of programs. They open up mostly when clicking on the new tab (+) tab. These are not pop-ups (although once open they may contain pop-ups (the last one I got.. (DO NOT GO HERE) sends pop-ups when you try and x out the tab (do you really want to close this tab type of pop-up)), the new tab opens, but also a tab containing one of these things opens. I am in the midst of running a full Avast scan, which will take a long time, and if I see anything interesting in that report I'll post it.

Thanks for the update. I too have had the same webpage appear in a "popup tab".

According to Norton's Safe Web, this site (see report below) and all other sites that have poped up on my computer are "safe".
Norton Safe Web found no issues with this site.
• Computer Threats: 0
• Identity Threats: 0
• Annoyance factors: 0
Total threats on this site: 0
• Community Reviews: 0
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user reviews (0)

**********Total threats found: 0
Viruses (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Drive-By Downloads (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Malicious Downloads (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Worms (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Suspicious Applications (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Suspicious Browser Changes (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Security Risks (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Heuristic Viruses (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Adware (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Trojans (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Phishing Attacks (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Spyware (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Backdoors (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Remote Access Software (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Information Stealers (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Dialers (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Downloaders (what's this?) Threats found: 0
Embedded Link To Malicious Site (what's this?) Threats found: 0*****
Please let us know the results of your Avast Scan.

I am concerned that when I installed WordWeb (which i have unstalled and still had one popup tab since rebooting), I might have given permission to such advertising...I'm usually careful not to allow such.

Thanks, THP

The point is not whether or not the site is considered "safe" by Norton (although any site that tosses pop-ups at you when you try and close it is not what I consider a safe site), but why are they popping up at all. I want to find what is using my opening of a new tab as a good reason to serve me an ad. Hiding the underlying trigger is sleazy at best. I am also quite careful of hidden adware and other tricks. I've been using Chrome for a few years, and this is a new one on me. Chrome is acting more like the old style porn sites that just kept opening window after window if you ended up on one of them....a behavior I happily thought had faded into history...

Full scan with Avast has just finished. Infected files found 0. This means no results now with Avast, Malwarebytes, Spybot, to name 3, and Adblock is running always. If this is acceptable behavior now for Chrome it's looking like time to give Firefox another go maybe...

I share much of your frustration.

The problem you described: "any site that tosses pop-ups at you when you try and close it...."

My problem seems to be different: unwanted advertisement webpage opens in a new tab. My problem only occurs one or two times a day. I can close the tab without any problem or without it "tossing pop-ups". So far, my problem is an aggervation, not a threat.

I like you would like you would like to find the trigger and agree that any site that that does this is sleezy.

FYI, Foxfire does not have this problem. I keep both open, so I can access 2 different emails that are yahoo based, even though one is

FYI, I tried to do a system restore to a point before my problem started..."could not restore to that point. Have you tried to do a system restore?

Thanks, THP

Not realizing it was not an isolated incident, it was a couple of weeks before I got annoyed enough to start trying to track it down, by which time I had no idea how far back to try and restore, so no, I have not done a system restore. Re the pop-ups, my behaviour is exactly the same as yours, with the same pages coming up..a few times a day, in a new tab. The pop up behavior I mentioned seems to be localized to that particular ad (guaranteed-issue), and is not how all of them respond to an x out. If google is serving them, their analytics need a tweek...I've been with the same auto insurance company for well over 20 years, and have not gone to any sites or talked about it in any emails, and in fact none of the sites served up seem to have any relevance to either my surfing habits or any recent conversations. Given that we are getting the same ads, my guess is that those url's may be hard coded into whatever is opening the tabs.

I looked at my history and found that my first one started July 3.

They are easy to spot in my history because there is a "light gray world globe" to the left of the name and it is followed by the entry.

4:51 PM "light gray world globe" Car Insurance
immediately followed by
4:51 PM "light gray world globe"

I do not think it is a Google problem, because, I like you have NOT shopped or Googled for ANY of the products that have poped-up.

Do you know anything about ""? Is it appearing in your history as well?

Thanks, THP

I just did some research on and found the following:

We are not alone. is not a web site. It is a redirect to Amazon CloudFront. Amazon CloudFront is a web service for content delivery. It integrates with other Amazon Web Services to give developers and businesses an easy way to distribute content to end users with low latency, high data transfer speeds, and no commitments. It is a pay-as-you-go service.

Solution (I hope) was found in Google Groups:!topic/chrome/Ck68F9UTF4s

The solution as stated is: "**A little later.... I've looked at my cookies (Chrome/spanner/settings/show advanced settings/Content Settings/All Cookies and site data/) and searched for and found three cookies from them, all of which I've deleted.

At the time they were accepted by Chrome I was viewing only Facebook. Amazon, Facebook, unwanted and intrusive ads, slyly installed?!? What gives?

Hopefully this is the last I'll see of these ads."

I just searched my history and found 5 cookies from the and deleted only those cookies. Hopefully that will fix the problem. I should know by the end of the day tomorrow.

chodson, Hope this is helpful for you as well!

Thanks, THP

I don't think this is it. I show no cloudfront cookies at all, and have not seen any, and I have been in that section of settings often over the past few days deleting cookies and adding some to blacklists. I am on Amazon frequently enough so that I would think I would see it, but no. What we may have here is some people looking around to find what is causing this and noticing that they have a cloudfront cookie...which may otherwise have gone on sitting there un-noticed. On the other hand...I am noticing that Facebook has come up a couple of times in conversation...and the possibility that they have snuck something onto my machine seems highly likely. Wouldn't be the first time they've added something to my account I have no desire to have...and I do generally have a facebook tab open. I think maybe I'll try keeping it closed when not actively viewing for a few days and see if that has any effect.

I am changing my mind, even though I find no cloudfront cookies by name. Here is my history from yesterday. I was in my gmail account and likely then clicked on the new tab tab or a link in a mail message....

Social Security Disability Benefits

10:46 AM
Social Security Disability Benefits

10:46 AM

10:46 AM .

since this is from history, read from bottom to top. First cloudfront, then (another Amazon ad server...are we seeing a pattern here?) then to the ad. Note it is for not .gov or even .com . This is a site that is trying to get it's hands on a percentage of a SSD award by offering easily available free other most of the ads coming through this method...probably not doing anything illegal, but sleezy at best. The forex ad that comes up is also for a product generally considered no better than a coin flip for buying/selling on forex markets. In other words, all of these ads are from sites that are using distortions at best, so no surprise to see them popping up using this stealth method. Most legitimate ad servers would have culled them out long ago.

It is looking like Amazon has some explaining to do. I am a Prime account member and regular customer for years, but I will be quite willing to switch to a Nook and another site for incidental purchases if this is the new Amazon business model. I expect to be served ads while browsing their site..I do not expect my work flow to be interrupted by unwanted crap sites.

I agree with you that the always hits the history first. Thank you for the update. Please keep us informed as to yyour progress.

BAM! - Update, I just got hit with: - Save Big Money On Your Auto Insurance! and

I don't know if I got all cookies or not so I have just deleted all of my cookies and blocked: and every place that I could. Will keep you updated.

Thanks, THP

Me too. This one just now

10:50 AM

10:50 AM
Page is loading, please wait!

10:50 AM

blocking the cloudfront cookie in chrome did nothing. I have just blocked at my router. This may make the difference, but I think we are not much closer to finding out which entity snuck this POS malware onto our systems in the first place. Looked up also, and I'm adding them to my routers block list on general principles.

So much for deleting all cookies and blocking "all that CHROME" will allow. Again I have received my daily "SPAM" pop-up tab.

9:30 AM - Find Someone Today

9:30 AM

Hope you are having sucess! I'm going to do some more research on today.

Thanks, THP

I got the attempt..a few moments ago...and a tab with this in the address bar which in turn I'm sure would have redirected to the ad proper had it not done this instead

This page is unavailable due to policy restrictions.
Detected: "" in the address.

So, that being either my block at the router or firewall I did not get the ad proper...but I did still get a new tab with that stuff on it instead...which still requires me to stop what I am doing and close it, so I am not gaining much benefit besides not having a bunch of cookies for dubious companies set also.

There are a couple of other threads about this also if you use the set of numbers in front as well as the address in your search, none of which have come to any conclusions yet...and a lot in german with the word "trojan" in them, but I haven't tried to translate them...all seemed to start around the same time, and at least on the english side, no one has discovered the vector. I think that first set of numbers should be the company name (were they not intentionally trying to hide it), and cloudfront merely the equivalent of the hosting servers. I can't really imagine Amazon risking so much of a backlash intentionally. I suspect someone has bought whatever service it is that cloudfront offers, and has twisted it to their own purposes..hence hiding the name behind a hash tag.

"safe" as in not actually hosting any malware itself...not as in "not serving up spam ads through already infected browsers". It seems likely it got in through an infected extension, but I have not been able to track down what. Here is an interesting post..

I am also noticing now this "ads not by this site" on both facebook (because my router block blocked a cloudfront one), and also in my gmail page, which is what is leading me towards the bad extension theory. Beginning to think that the answer may have to be a complete uninstall of chrome and all it's extensions and a clean re-install.

Checked out your "an interesting post" looks interesting.

I have about come to the same conclusion as you "Beginning to think that the answer may have to be a complete uninstall of chrome and all it's extensions and a clean re-install." or I may just live with it and close the tab from the tab bar without ever opening the tab. Actually, I would like to find a is aggervating.

I am still getting only 1 pop-up advertising tab a day...what about you?

Thanks, THP

The conclusion we are coming to over here..!msg/chrome/Ck68F9UTF4s/w-N9nVp3wCQJ

Is TV for Google Chrome. Someone mentioned this to me early on in my attempts to track, but I did not recognize it (you maybe?). Did find it on yesterday when I went through my extensions again, and removed it. I also removed the blocks at the router, as I found it censoring anything with those words..not just with the domain. So far, no more new tab ads, the "ads not by this site" is gone from facebook, and from Google search page. One would hate to jump to conclusions...but TV for Google Chrome is looking very much like the culprit.

Thanks for the update...I have researched my extensions and I do have TV for Google Chrome installed.

I have never used it. As of now, It is gone!

As of today I was still having my one Add a Day.

Thanks for the update. THP

Had exactly the same issues, daily tabs with ads in Google Chrome. I have two laptops, Chrome is synchronized (same extensions on both computers). I have set up one of the Computers completely new, but even then I had these daily tabs. Removed TV for Google Chrome from both Computers and the ads / daily tabs where gone. I am therefore convinced that it must be TV for Google Chrome, no other explanation possible (why else the ads should disappear on both computers at the same time after uninstalling this extension?).


Thank you for continuing to research the problem. I did NOT have my daily pop-up tab advertisement today.

You should have the honor of "Marking the Question Solved"

Thanks again, THP

Feel free. I haven't a clue how to do that, and it was several people across several groups who were able to narrow things down. (One specifically who only had 2 extensions installed, one of them Adblock (disabled anyway) and the other..TV for Google Chrome. Just a matter of testing it from there.

I am using Linux. I had the same problem with Chromium browser and so I uninstalled it and installed Chrome. The problem still persists.

Do you have that extension? Do you maybe have your browser syncing with one on another machine and that has the TV for Google Chrome extension? All the threads about this that I was following have gone quiet since we pinpointed that one...but that doesn't mean they haven't put out a new one or renamed that one...

hey. thp. i got the same problem with you now.
may i ask how you solve it? my google chrome always automatically pop out the ads in new tab without i clicking anything.
please reply me as soon as possible.
thanks a lot.

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