How is this question relevant to mobile development?

@harinath_2007 what is point in trying to explain something to someone who is not willing to listen. When you grow up and get commercial experiences you may understand

I'm gone be rude and say: Why the hell you want to use Hibernate if you still place database connectivity code into JSP instead of Java class where it bellongs? Learn first proper MVC approach and add new frameworks

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@SmartDJ if you have intention on working on this then by no means create new thread in appropriate forum section.

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You know bkraft I have this feeling that your intention of posting was just flaming other people. You reminded me of that silly advert and later video "I'm Mac, I'm PC" where Apple and Microsoft took turns flaming each other. LAME

You correct on count that not everything is about amount of pixel camera can capture, but also lenses and whole support mechanism. For your information most of Sony Ericsson (SE)phones that are not sold as "walkman" type have very good picture quality. I cannot comment on iPhone I do not own one, but as previous user of number of SE products I believe they will do great job on this one.

Sexy. Yeah, marketing word, but wasn't iPhone branded as sexy when was first time introduced to marked? Yes, it was...

BTW, is anybody out there successfully selling linux laptops? Why not? And why does Apple have such a big share of the laptop segment that actually generates free cash flow? I bet it will be the same with Android - poor fodder for the masses, go waste your life.

Not sure what is point of this. So call greatness of Apple has numerous faces with which come limitations, including number of limitations while using their products for software/application development (Java has so many flavours for Mac that it hurts), development of iPhone application is limited only to Mac machines (silly it should be open to anyone) and even if you manage to write application some "expert" in iPhone ...

Help may come if you show some effort...

you have to "hard code it" with use of array for example
String[] myArray={"zero", "one", two", "three"};
int num = 0;
num = 3;

first return will be string [B]zero[/B] and second one will be [B]three[/B]

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