I Am Just A Beginner In Vb And Am Trying A Project On A Calculator A Scientific. However I Have Been Trying To Fix This And That But To No Avail Since I Am Toddling Around. Do You Happen To Have Them Anywhere?

Please send it to my E-mail

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do you really think another lazy homework kiddo just like you who dumped his assignment here 3 years ago and never came back is going to magically reappear with a working solution to your homework and hand it to you on a golden platter?

You're even more stupid than the majority of your ilk.

@jwenting please moderate your replies. We know people are unhappy with students posting their homeworks with no intention of solving it and we are looking into issue.

@SmartDJ if you have intention on working on this then by no means create new thread in appropriate forum section.

As for this thread, its closed now