hi everyone, i'm interested in AI research and if anyone could point me in the right direction where to start, any good books or websites will be more than appreciated, thanks

What do you already know about the subject called "AI"?

I would say wiki information is pretty decent in AI. You can use it to learn more about AI and from there see which branch of AI you want to research more.

so far, i've done some school projects in robotics and game programming. But what i'm really interested in, it is in researching ways that will allow a program/machine to learn from experience and then adapt that knowledge to any scenario that hasn't being thought before or that it is not encoded. nblue thanks, i will check wiki.

You don't mention what language(s) you are comfortable with, but you should be able to find some tutorials on a simple neural network for something like optical character recognition. This could be a good starting point. They are often used for pattern recognition amongst other things. For other topics you can look into statistical machine learning
It's a very broad field as you have probably already seen, but these might give you a starting point to work from.