Hello all, I am currently attempting to learn how to program and I am unable to take a class because of my work schedule. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any books that will help just with learning the basics of programming and not necessarily any one particular language. For instance, I am currently learning actionscript, and I understand things like loops and arrays when they use examples but actually constructing the code myself I get confused and I think it may be because I do not have a thorough understanding of just basic programming concepts. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate that. Thanks in advance.

HI Osirus,
Learning any programming language is quite easy the problem is with that is only the choice and understanding of its features like array loops routines functions etc.
I don't know this language . But i know that it shouldn't be tough.
And about applying your knowledge while you program
something is quite easy . Just think in mathametical term suppose you want to Calculate something you think about how simple calculation can be done using paper and pen . Rather making programs on Computer try paper and pen first . That is called making dry program and doing dry run of ur program.
Use programming constructs then think how can be used inside ur program . Use them to change mathametical view of ur idea into program ..
Then dry run them using pen paper.

Using this technique you can learn how to program easily .. And type of programming language does not matter .. Because lastly any language understand only two thing 1 & 0 ..
Only representation and approach would be different.