I am a registered respiratory therapist and I really don't know anything about computers except how to use them. I have worked at many different hospitals around the country and I have found a problem that needs to be addressed. I need someone to build a simple software program using excel, access or whatever to track patient therapies on a daily basis and to help when making daily assignments. Most hospitals are either still doing it on paper and with a calculator to divide number of therapies to theapist or one of the therapists will attempt to make some kind of lame spreadsheet in excel or word. There has got to be a better way. I need something where you can enter patient information, therapy, room #, etc. and then the program can calculate on a point system the number of therapists needed to work that day. Additionally, it needs to be able to be printed as an assignment sheet to give each individual therapist their therapies for the day.

If i am in the wrong place, please direct me to someone who can help. Once I get the program made then I am going to market it myself to different hospitals. A program such as this will be of great benefit to respiratory therapy departments worldwide.

John Powell

Weird hospitals you have over there...
Most here are running fully integrated patient management systems and central planning software.