Hello guys, I'm a newbie here. I am just a beginner programmer and taking up VB.Net. However, we are currently on Program Logic Design topic. Our instructor gave us an assignment on FLOWCHART design. Can somebody here help me with my assignment.

Below are my assignments which is due on Saturday, August 2, 2008:

1. Draw a flowchart to represent the logic of a program that allows the user to enter values
that represent the radius of a Circle. The Program calculates the Diameter (by
multiplying the Radius by 2) and then calculates the Circumference (by multiplying the
Diameter by 3.14). The program prints both the Diameter and Circumference.

2. Draw a Flowchart that accept Three numbers and Print the sum and inputted numbers.

3. Draw a Flowchart that accept two numbers and print the Product and inputted numbers.

I have drafted my own answer but not I'm that confident with it because I'm a just beginner with this Programming thing, so I'm needing your advice and answers so I could compare mine and take your advice..PLEASE PLEASE help me!!

Thanks a lot!!

Post what you have so far if you would like input on it. See the forum policies on homework help. Asking for answers to "compare to yours" is identical to "answer this for me" for all practical purposes.

Confidence is gained by doing your OWN thing and getting rewarded for it.

You'll be no more confident the next time around if you just hand in what someone else has done this time around.