i have acer 1640 laptop.the problem is when i trying to instalint the xp on my laptop then laptop is hang after 2 minuts. i have changed the ram but still same problem. today i noticed the cooling fan of my laptop is not working. i checked the fan and cleen it. but problem is when i push the start button of laptop then fan run only once time with ful speed, but after a few second fan stoped. the fan is only runing when i push the star button. and i am unable to instal the xp. need help plz.


Hey Bud wotz up
Ohk heres what you do.Open machine (only when you comfortable working inside) and disconect your fan.Run the fan at normal power(meaning not connected to lappy) If the fan runs well under good whilest connected straight to electricity than you fan is not broken,means theres lack of power(witch I doubt)However if the fan doesnt work throughout the staraight power connection than you should buy a new one

Sittas87 is correct, you should open your laptop and remove the fan, then figure out how much power it needs (usually written on fan) and then find correct adapter (I guess most laptop fans are about 3-9v so a phone charger would be fine for testing). Just keep in mind that you should only do this when you're not tired and have clean working space around. If the fan is spinning fine when attached to phone charger then theres a problem in laptop's power system.

fan doesnt work and the monitor doesnt work the cpu works hard disk works is their a connection b/n the monitor and the fan its a laptop

hey Henock
Problem??details please

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