I'm wondering since I've done my first year almost at uni - if theres anywhere I could undertake some work experince during the holiday. The reason I'm posting on here is all I know is IBM , anyone got any others??


What course you on?

If its an IT course, there are loads of companies in the UK that might offer the right candidate a summer placement

Your obvious companies include
Microsoft --> http://www.microsoft.com/uk/
Intel --> http://www.intel.co.uk
IBM --> http://www.ibm.com/uk/
BT --> BT Undergraduate placements
Orange --> http://www.orange.co.uk/
(I guess the other tel co's would be good to work for as well)
Fujitsu-Seimens --> http://www.fujitsu-siemens.co.uk/
Motorola --> http://www.motorola.com/uk/
Fasthosts (biggest Web Host in UK) --> http://www.fasthosts.co.uk/

The less obvious (but large) companies include
Tesco --> http://www.tesco.com/careers/
Asda -->
ClientLogic --> http://www.clientlogic.co.uk/careers/index.html
EDS --> http://www.eds.co.uk/
BAE Systems --> http://www.baesystems.co.uk/
Sanderson --> http://www.sanderson.com/
NatWest --> http://www.rbs.com/careers01.asp?id=CAREERS
(Pretty much any of the banks)
Almost ANY national company is going to have an IT dept of sorts, so its worth making a semi standard letter make the changes needed and send it off to any company you can think of

The MoD at places like Abbeywood in Bristol and GCHQ in Cheltenham are both really great places to work, but you need to under go security clearence for most of their jobs and it can take around 6 weeks for clearence to come through, so apply/contact them ASAP

Its nice having a big national/international company on your CV, but it is fair to say that you will prob have a better time and learn more working for a medium sized 'local' company, so check the Yellow Pages as well.


Yeh its computer science... First year just wondering who offers what since the goverment pays so they'll be getting a free worker from an employers point of view