Does anyone here have any knowledge of Prolog. I am new to this and came across something called backward-chaining.

If someone could help me get started in how to implement the backward chaining method if there is a leak in the house. How would go about figuring out if the leak is in the kitchen, bathroom, etc.


Hey there. Sorry, no experience at all with prolog. All I could suggest is google :( I just had to come say hi to CompSciGuy from CompSciGal !! :)

Hi..prolog is actually logic, like if a then b, if not b then c. Backward chaining is a technic that start from the goal/result or simply from the back, which is the kitchen, bathroom etc. From there you tried to prove whether it is true or not the leak is in the kitchen. Read a prolog book...

Yes, I've actually heard of the language. Just never worked with it - the closest I've ever come was Scheme. Incidently, I'm moving this thread to the Comp Sci forum.

i've done both scheme and prolog. unfortunately in an act of mental self defence, i forgot everything i could about them after passing comp307 :P

Vincent S. Manis, James J. Little, The Schematics of Computation, Prentice
W.F. Clocksin and C.S. Mellish, Programming in Prolog, Springer-Verlag.

are the texts i have that i found extremely useful back in the day.

also try it is better than google for information like this (heresy, i know...)

The thread has been sleeping for so long a time .. and I think the thread starter will never look at this thread again .. LOL