I was trying to get familiar with some digital circuit simulation softwares but i dont know which one to start with.

I wanted to know if anyone could advise me a digital simulation software that
is used by the professionals in the industry.

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Back in my day, I saw a lot of people working with a package called pspice. Do a google search for it. I remember people could layout a bunch of components with it, and then simulate different volts and amps. I did not get deeply into it, however.



yeah, i downloaded the student version just after posting the thread, so is PSPICE the defacto industry standard?


yeah, i downloaded the student version just after posting the thread, so is PSPICE the defacto industry standard?

if this is still a popular topic...

I attend West Virginia University and I am a Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering dual major.

Here at WVU, the professors have students download and submit all the porblems through pspice.

I transferred from Marshall University...

While there we used a program called

I think the newest version out is Multisim 8

I highly recommend this program if you can find a copy of it. I think its quite pricey though...

It is hands down the best program I have seen or used and the professor who used it at Marshall is one of the Chairs for the Field Exam to be certified into Electrical Engineering so I figure he would use the best there is.


I usually use Excel.

I just input the formulas for the circuitry and let the spreadsheet do the work.


Hi, I don't know if anyody is still reading this, but...

PSpice is used more to simulate Analogue circuits. During my undergraduate years I used MaxPlus II to simulate digital circuits. Since it's a very advanced programme, chances are that it is popularwithin the industry.


LogicWorks is often used in university courses, or at least that's what i used. :P


u canuse a software called proteus. it is very good in simulation but it is not much strict with the circuit rules. ie an led may not require a series resistance in simulation the software will not show any error.the trial version cannot save the design.

all the best

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