Hi to all

I have just joined this lovely community today. I was wondering if someone would be willing to help out a newbie gal with a pseudocode problem....

Basically I am trying to write some pseudo code for the following problem

- A company has some data for each month for five years which = 60 integers
(12 integers for each year)
- A program must prompt the user to input the data and warn if the data is not an integer
- The program must calculate the average for each year and display it for each year (e.g. year 1, year 2, year 3, year 4, year5)

I have come with the following but am not sure if it's correct - I can see 2 flaws

1. There are 5 wasteful loops which capture virtually the same information
2. Also I feel that perhaps I should use an array to store the 60 integers

Integer i, yr1, yr2, yr3, yr4, yr5

// Loop to get values of Year 1

Display “Enter values for Year 1 as integers
IF value = integer THEN
Display “Confirm data entry finished

Display “Values entered not integers, re-enter as integers


i = i+1

UNTIL (i<12)

// The value Yr 1 is equal to the sum of the values of all the months for Year 1
Yr1 = sum of i1+i2+ i3 +i4+i5+i6+i7+i8+i9+i10+i11+i12

// Call procedure to calculate average for Year 1, procedure is at end of program

Call Average (yr1)

Display “Average growth for Year 1 is + Average



// The program continues with another 4 loops same as the one above to capture the data for each year.
// I didn't include the four other loops in my example because I thought that this is a lot of repitition

Procedure to calculate Average for each year

AVERAGE (integer yr)
AVERAGE = yr/12

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance....


Potsuki :p

Whats the problem with that code ?? I think its alright.

I think that your "pseudocode" suffers from imprecision. If you tried to turn it into code in some language that you know (C, Pascal, Basic, or whatever) you'd see the problem. You could also check it out by making up a data set and try carrying out the exact program steps yourself. I think you'd see that it's ambiguous.

One example near the beginning will demonstrate the point. You use the test "if value = integer". "value' is not one of your variables. If you read one input varaible and it's not an integer are you supposed to re-enter that value or do you have to enter the 12 values for that year?