I am having a difficulty when understanding and writing c++ programs .can anyone give me a solution,

thanks :cry:

Purchase a book for beginners in c++
Take a class in beginning c++
Look in Google for tutorials about c++

Did you have a specific c++ question, or do you just want to learn?

I recommend "C++ programming for the absolute beginner" By Dirk Henkemans, and Mark Lee, they teach you the basics of c++ through simple game pogramming and by the end of the book you will have created a working game with direct x(it is quite simple). I havent acctually got that far myself :p

Donot start straight away with programming .... draw a blue print of the program ... and then translate it into a pseudocode ... and then map it to c++.

If You really has a good knowledge about programming then you definitely will able to understand the program of any type easily..For this You should Try some coaching classes that provide good Education about Programming.

You musy first purchase a C++ book for beginners and then go through the basics concepts of C++ such as input-output syntax, data type declaration and definitions, types of data types in C++ and basic C++ program structure. After having enough kknowledge of C++ basics, you must start with a simple program such as print hello or addition of 2 no.s.
Then you can start up with complex programs but before writting any code you must know about the logic of the program and then implement that logic in your code.

Hello guys,
I am glad to here in this great community which provide a good knowedge of Programming Languages. So, i would like to share my knowledge on Programming languages.
First of all, you must focous on the basic languages which are 'C' and 'C++' then for others. Starting with C, and each program need logical thoughts and basic concept.

check out the puzzle in c++ book which is more practicle and enjoyable book

just try to formulate ur ways to solve a problem using C,C++ language