A designer wants to improve the overall performance of a given machine with respect to
a target benchmark suite and is considering an enhancement X that applies to 60% of the original
dynamically-executed instructions, and speeds each of them up by a factor of 3. The designer’s
manager has some concerns about the complexity and the cost-effectiveness of X and suggests that
the designer should consider an alternative enhancement Y . Enhancement Y , if applied only to some
(as yet unknown) fraction of the original dynamically-executed instructions, would make them only
twice as fast. Determine what percentage of all dynamically-executed instructions should be optimized
using enhancement Y in order to achieve the same overall speedup as obtained using enhancement
X. Show all steps and derivations to receive full credit. Either supply the actual percentage, or else
leave your answer as a simple fraction.

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Show all steps and derivations to receive full credit.

Sounds like you better get going. You could start by showing us some of what you've tried already or by explaining bits you don't understand. After all, this is your first post so maybe you missed the GIGANTIC text at the top of every forum that says we only give homework help to those who show effort.

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