i am doing a project, its a database system and i need to use fingerprint scanner.i am using php and i am new to it. is ther a way that i can use fingerprint scanner?

Hello dpaula i am trying to do the same as you user authentication using php mysql and a fingerprint reader, is it possible, can you help me? what did you find?

Thanks in advance

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Hi dears:
I am also doing the same project if u people find any thing helpful please share it
with me
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how i can attache finger print reader to Php

Rubber bands?

Read the API for your scanner.

I have implemented this in my Final project, you buy SDK of your thumb scanner, or it would be free with your thumb scanner driver, then do work in C# and connect C# with mysql, connect php with mysql and communicate among both languages.

Another way is to use C++ language, use SDK C library and work in C++, pass the object to php using connection bw C and php.

Muhammad Atif Agha

I believe PHP cannot directly deal with any hardware, leave aside the scanner. Rather, the actual scanning and verification must be via a native language like C or VB. So the scan results are 'passed' between them and the PHP code...

That may not be entirely true, if you were you use a magnetic/smart card reader many of those act as keyboard emulators. So long as you point the information at the correct field(s) the information will be input into the fields as though it had been typed out using the keyboard. While I've never dealt with fp scanners if any of them act as keyboard emulators you would in fact be able to use php and a bit of javascript to parse the scan and input into the necessary field.

hi i am using the php lang to create the project and i am using this project fingerprint scanner and i am no about that code i am do not found the code of store and retrive the fingerprint data so please help to me i am nothing no about that