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looks like a cross between vb and c++ (or is that .net and c# these days????) looked a bit complicated after c++ reading logically and so nicely...


i am reading Expert F# (Apress/2007) and I admit, I was hooked after seeing the syntax for a high-common-factor function.
It looks like this:
let rec hcf a b =
if a=0 then b
elif a<b then hcf a (b-a)
else hcf (a-b) b

hcf is the function,
rec means its recursive
and elif is "else if"

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how data will stored in FAT(File Allocation Table)??.. and what is Aloha in Networking Subject..???


what is Aloha in Networking Subject..???

Aloha is the computer networking system which uses random access technique. It is a random access technique because in this whenever the source has a frame to send, it sends that frame. If that frame successfully reache the destination then the source will send the another frame but if the frame is failed to be delivered at the destination then it will resend that frame.
Aloha protocol is of two types:
-Pure Aloha, and
-Slotted Aloha

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