I am doing my homework and am having trouble finding the answer to one question. We are supposed to view the code below:

Consider the following selection statement where X is an integer test score between 0 and 100.

input X

if (0 <= X and X < 49)
output "you fail"

else if (50 <= X and X < 70)
output "your grade is" X
output "you did OK"

else if (70 <= X and X < 85)
output "your grade is" X
output "you did well"

else if (85 <= X and X < 100)
output "your grade is" X
output "you did great"

output "how did you do?"

Then we have to answer the following question:

How many levels of nesting are there in this design?

I have all the other answers to this assignment, but I do not know what they mean by nesting. Can someone please help?


Say that your first else if has an if statement within it and then that if statement has yet another. This is nesting.
(not sure what language you're using so I'll keep it generic)

if ()

else if()

else if()

You should be able to figure out the answer at this point.