Hello everybody! I am currently take an IT class and have hit a snag. I am designing a currency conversion program. The assignment asks me to Generate a set of test inputs and expected results for the Currency Conversion program. I have looked and looked and can find little documention on the process of generating these test inputs. I am going to attach the design and hope someone can point me in the right direction or help me out.

Heres the Pseudocode

*Declare variable as integer*
*Declare exchange as integer*
*Declare international rate as real*
*Declare US currency rate as real *

Execute while user wants to continue
Get other country Value
Convert Currency
Display Results
End loop
Print exit message
End Main Module

Display Menu

Set continue = true
While continue = true
Display "Welcome to the Elite Currency convert"
Display "Choose currency to convert"
Display "Currently available Currency Types:"
Display "1: CAD"
Display "2: Pesos"
Display "3: Pounds"
Display "4: Yen"
Display "5: Francs"
Display "6: Exit program"
Display "Enter a selection:";

Input currency Type

If currency Type >= 1 AND currency Type <= 5 then
Set continue = false
else if currency Type = 6
Display “Currency conversion now shutting down”
continue = false
Display “"Error : Invalid menu selection."
continue = true
end if

end While

End Display Menu

Get International Value

Declare value as integer
Declare continue as real
Set continue = true
While continue = true
Display "Enter a currency amount: "
Input Country value
if Country value > 0 AND internationalize <= 3000000 then
continue = false
Display “"Error 1: Invalid currency amount"
continue = true
end if
end while

End Get Country Value

Convert Currency total

Declare rate as real
Select chosen currency type
Selection 1:
Set rate = 1.4680
Selection 2:
Set rate = 9.5085
Selection 3:
Set rate = .6085
Selection 4:
Set rate = 104,9;
Selection 5:
Set rate = 6.2561
Set rate = 0.0

End Convert Currency

Display Results

Declare country as string
Declare currency as string
Choose target currency
selection CANADIAN:
country = "Canadian";
currency = "CAD";
selection MEXICAN:
country = "Mexico";
currency = "Pesos";
selection ENGLISH:
country = "England";
currency = "Pounds";
selection JAPANESE:
country = "Japan";
currency = "Yen";
selection FRENCH:
country = "French";
currency = "Francs";
Country = "No country";
currency = "";
End selection
if currency <> “” then
Display “The value of “, international Value, “ “ , country Value, “ “, currency, “ is “,
us Value, “ dollars”
Display "Error 5: Invalid currency selection."
end if

End Output display currency results

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> Generate a set of test inputs and expected results for the Currency Conversion program.
Starting with an example "good" input and some examples of bad input (you ask for an integer, you type in "hello" say).

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