i need some ides about making my thesis proposal... im a fourth year computer science student now... and ill have to look for a problem.... could you help me about this....

i have a problem already....a VON NEUMANN ARCHITECTURE simulator...but i dont have the resource about this..

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1. Ignoring forum rules is bad as we specifically say

Do not piggyback threads (aka "hijack" threads) by posting your question as a reply to another question.

2. Google and more specifically Scholar Google is your friend

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Nice, I didn't know that Scholar Google.

and don't expect us to do your research for you.
If you're indeed a university student about to start work on his thesis you should by now be fully capable of doing original research.
A bit of library study and using some search engines would be child's play in comparison.

Of course many seem to get by in university without ever doing anything except plagiarising the work of others and handing it in as their own.
But those don't deserve the name "student" let alone deserve to get a degree, wouldn't you agree?

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sorry but i have already a thesis. thanks a lot everyone.

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