Anyone know some links where i can find about data structures using STL ?

Data structures implemented using the STL, or implementing the STL itself?

Data structures implemented using the STL

Well, seeing as how the STL implements many of the classic data structures, you're not likely to find thorough coverage of such redundancy. Which data structures were you interested in? These are the ones covered by the STL:

std::make_heap: Heap
std::array: Array
std::vector: Dynamic array
std::stack: Stack
std::queue: Queue
std::priority_queue: Priority queue (typically heap-based)
std::deque: Double ended queue
std::list: Double linked list
std::multi_map: Balanced binary search tree (most common implementation, typically red-black)
std::unordered_multimap: Hash table
std::bitset: Bit set
std::tuple: Tuple

i was interested especially about binarry search tree

I have a few tutorials on binary search trees if you want to read about the data structure itself. There's little point in implementing a binary search tree with the STL most of the time because the set and map classes already do that.

yes i know...My problem is that i have a project,and the name of the project is: Application of data structures using STL i am confuse what data structures to use. Or i can just use set or map (because they work as binary trees).

I would interpret that as application of the container classes in the STL. Though it couldn't hurt to get clarification from your teacher as to what the point of the project is.