I'm Final year IT Student.I need a mini-project topic based on multimedia/Animation and also we need to start doing major project in this semester.So,I need some expert guidance and also you guys please help me by suggesting some topics for mini as well as major projects.Since i'm a lot confused in this year,A lot of work is terrifying me,seminars,assignments,projects,...:confused:

Please suggest me some topics...
Anyway thanks in advance:$

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U should be much more specific in what projects u r interested in, ur language capabilities, operating system etc. And what have u done in Multimedia/Animation in ur course that u opted for a project in it ???


i know some modelling ideas in some 3d softwares,i used to do a lot of modelling during my holidays at home.But,i cant find any topics for multimedia project.It's my first doing an animation in my course.
Anybody please help me!


hi guys, can you please give me any title of the automated system for school only? any title please I will just select which one is not yet picked by my classmates, thanks much for the help in advance please help me guys.


i think u guys can help me. i want some noob codes / beginner programming codes in vb 6 or a lecture for making basic programs in vb 6.0..

i'll wait for your rply.

(need in Ebook)

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