Hi, Google search can solve your any problem about math..... just goto Google and type on search box your question and in this way...............

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Welcome to my site of math problems. Anyone with an appreciation of a good math problem should find something they like here, with problems ranging from basic math to differential equations. Each problem also comes with a difficulty rating from one to four stars. This is roughly a measure of how much time it took me to do the problem. Since your math background is likely different from mine your experience is likely to vary.

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Funny, I thought this was a Computer Science forum, not a forum about using Google to solve math problems, "basic math", or "differential equations".

Of course computer science problems are a kind of math problem, and programming is a kind of applied mathematics. But I don't necessarily think that is the intent of either post. In particular, Google can not solve any problem about "math" in this sense. Spam?

Oh, what the heck. Let me apply some reputation to you guys.