I don't know if this is the right place to post this question but here is my problem, I would like to take an audio wave file and convert it to a data file, (.csv, .txt etc).
I would like to do some signal analysis on the file but I need it in the form of raw numbers. Is there any way to accomplish this using software?
Basically just a "software" A/D converter that decomposes the wave file into numeric data!



Some of the audio formats are published, some not. Most of them have at least some information about the format available via online searches. Some search like type format (for type being whatever data format you are interested in. As I recall it, mp3 files have a nice regular format with all the information you could possibly want, and fairly easy to extract. Some of the other formats are a little less easy... but obviously all of them have to be handled by soft(firm)ware in order to play, so it is possible.