hiiii.i need some gd ideas for my final yr project on networking/networking security....

Hi i am also in my final year... Perhaps we could work together and share ideas.My degree is in computer networking and i want to do my final year project in the security field.Presently i am thinking of doing a research in DES/AES then implement an application utilizing this algorithm SNIP

What type of projects are you looking for? Without that information it would be difficult to answer. I have some good ideas that I need a hand with, and that can serve as final year projects for you folks. You can contact me with your resume and what area you are interested in: SNIP

A reminder that help should be offered right here on DaniWeb, in this thread, where all members (including those not yet with us) can benefit - and not via email or PM where they cannot.


hi, im from malaysia. im final year student. i need to find an idea for my final year project. im taking degree in data communication & networking. im interested to do something that related with network security in social network.