hi, I'm the student of network and IT security and i need to have my final year major project that holds the double credit. can you help me getting the topics. these are the modules i have in final year:
Wide Area Networks
E-commerce Applications
Fundamentals of Security Management
Fundamentals of Network Security
Network Planning and Simulation
Cryptography and Number Theory

if u have done any project regarding networking or security, please do help me. thanks

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I have not done any but I prefer the security areas. Fundamentals of Security Management and Fundamentals of Network Security sounds like a good choice. What areas are you good at, you can try working and developing your strengths there. Good luck and all the best for your project:)

No we can't just give you your project! You'll have to show some research yourself in order to get more help. In my opinion, go for network fundamentals and WAN's.

thanks for your reply. Both of you are correct. But what I'm really searching are the different topics, different ideas, where i can have my project on. For now I'm having my self study on the matter of cloud computing, its networking and security aspects, but its getting tough and i think cloud computing matter is better for MSc program. hehe... Study or the project on the matter of the 3G technology might also me interesting one :) I have basic java programming skill with swing and JSP, may be i can make it handy here. what u guys have to say? please reply. Thanks


I will go for Cloud Computing.

Good Choice, This is a vast area, and also you can explore and research many things, and it is also in the Development stage, Great Choice,

Good Luck

u can get from 1000projects.com just search for that............
and it is possible to work on Network problems on distributed system application replicas.

thanks friends. i will search for more and consult more.


Good luck in your project:)

i'm networking's student..please help me choose topic for my final year project...i have no idea to do..

We can't help you choose. You have to choose your own topic bease on your strengths. What area in networking are you good at or confident in doing?

Well, I graduated last year and for my final year project I did it on the Security of Wireless Networks. I used a lot of Cisco equipment (Switches, Routers, MLS, IOS Firewalls, ACLs, and all sorts of other stuff. I really enjoyed it and didn't want it to end.

So, I would say that you should do something on Network Security too. :-)

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