Hi, I've got a question, hopefully people with more experience can help me out.

I'm to write a paper (between 50 and 100 pages) on one of 3 topics:

  • stack protection (as in stack randomization in kernel),
  • programming languages safety (mostly the low level ones - asm, C = how is it unsafe, why, what are the alternatives),
  • SELinux - uses, what does it prevent, etc.

To each one of these I'm to write an application, so probably a program that shows the usefullness of stack randomization, or some small programs demonstrating dangers of "unsafe" programming, or an application that SELinux can be "applied" to.

The question is: which one to pick? A list would be very helpfull - which one is the easiest, which one will force me to learn the most (all seem interesting), which one can prove to be usefull in the future (as in - having knowledge of the topic - important factor!), which one has most reaserch done/books with info on the topic, etc.

Any other topic, somehow connected to computer security, might be fine (as long as it's usefull, not a thing from the past, like preventing rootkits in fedora 2.2 kernel, with fedora 2.6 out).

Please help.