Hello I am going into my final year in september and need to come up with a topic for my final year project. I am studying Software Engineering.
Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

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One thing you should have learned by now is how to think for yourself, and that includes coming up with ideas for projects.

how about writing your own browser? Nothing fancy that will compete with IE6 or Mozilla.

I agree that a browser is a good idea. The network portion of a browser is relatively simple. You will need to create an html interpreter, and use multithreading to load the various files that make up the page. So it's definitely a fun project.
I will be creating an online texas hold'em poker game built with flash and Macromedia Com Server.

Hello Ancient Dragon and Job,

Thak you so much for your suggestions. Creating a browser sounds like it could be fun. Do you think a browser for mobile phones and PDAs would be feasible and a good idea??


PDAs often have browsers. The ones I program for do anyway -- Pocket IE on WinCE operating systems.

why dont you try out writing a database management software for any hypothetical organisation.thats what my brother did in his final year of graduation.

Hello IndianScorpion2

thank you for your suggestion. I will add that to my list of topics I could cover for my final year project which I need to present to my supervisor and it will,be up to him to choose which topic he thinks would be the best one I could do.


Hello Ancient Dragon,

I have been doing some research, reading up about different browsers and I was thinking if I do web browser I could develope the browser to be used by the university or just for the computing faculty. Thanks for the advise about browsers for PDAS


HI ..JAMUNA HERE..im gonna do final year project dis year...need help in choosing topics...im computer science student majoring in software engineering...im interested in de topic about windows mobile..cud ani1 help me to detail in depth..plz.....;)


please kindly help with how he got it all done.

What's your question? I've looked at your other posts, but don't understand what your saying.

i like your texas holdem project -job-

im doing a blackjack one in VB for my AS level

hello i need a image processing kind of project in my final year..please help me to fine project topic with include image processing..txxx

I am nilam.I want to do final year project dis year...need help in choosing topics...im computer science student majoring in software engineering...plz help me about project topics.

Plz help me about internet security project topics.

hi i need the idea for topics for the projects in .net.

Plz help me to my final year project...........

I'm undergraduate of computer engineering student & doing my final year project based on

Creative Software Quality Assurance Teaching Tool for Computer Engineering Students.

Any one can give me ideas regarding this topic..