Sorry guys, I know I should be thinking about this myself but after having all my seven proposals rejected:sad: , I have resorted to daniweb.

Please give some ideas for a good thesis topic. If possible, please suggest something with some educational or business potential.:cool:

What language do you know? And what sort of programming are you interested in eg. graphics, compiler, gui...

> but after having all my seven proposals rejected
a) what were they, so we don't repeat the same mistakes again
b) were you given any reasons?

Make a unique id from finger print , name , date of birth and sell it to govt of india.

Simulate the effects of shooting your computer with a ultra-violet lightening bolt from outer-space.

What language do I know?
Some C++, mysql, and php.

What sort of programming am I interested in?
Networking or GUI

What proposals did I make before? Why they were rejected?
Some of them were:
1. a medical records system - already done by a team in previous batches
2. an online enrolment system for our school - too complex to integrate with our current system
3. Homework manager for teachers - similar apps already exist
4. Advertising bulletin for the campus - what's ebay for then?

He wants us to come up with something unique and useful.:idea:

A thermal imaging camera pointing at the departmental coffee machine, complete with a web interface.

The image analysis estimates the volume of coffee and it's temperature.

Users can 'subscribe' their preferences, and get alerts when their preference happens.

commented: can you help us in our thesis??? the language that we are allowed to use is Java... but honestly... we are not that good in java... I hope you can help us... +0
commented: good idea for a school project +2

Can you help me?
i need topic for my thesis,
this school year 2010 - 2011 suppossedly,
hopefully guyzz. tnx

Sorry to repeat the above advice but what about... Skynet?

I mean, can you IMAGINE how kewl you'd look when you stroll into class. Your professor asks you what your thesis is going to be about (you know, the one you've been left to think about for months)... And you just turn around to him and say firmly and confidently, "I'm going to create Skynet."

A spider that searches the web for great thesis topics. It must discover itself in order to pass the test.

What parts of networking interest you? Try thinking about the parts of networking that interest you and try to improve on what you see. It doesn't have to be very complicated. Or with GUI's have you thought into what makes a good GUI? How can you improve on what you see in GUI's? Have you thought to ask your proff like you asked here?

Do some research into what fields interest your instructor. Review research white papers in your University library. Find something that interests you. Then do more research, then make your proposal!

Quite often this project turns into your own business when you graduate! If its unusual and has a niche and thus a realized need!

Researching and writing a thesis is a major project that takes several months. Doing it well requires self-discipline, but it really helps to love the subject matter. To sustain your interest and energy over the long haul, pick a topic that interests you deeply, one you are excited about. The best way to begin is to search for an interesting question. At this stage, you should hunt for a good question, not the answer to it. Finding an answer is the purpose of your subsequent research and writing.

Write GUI which generates other GUIs on GUI demand.

Depends on your interests, but here are some ideas.

Make up an interesting theoretical problem and try to solve it, giving any results you find. This is easier than you'd think. Here's a link to a problem I came up with, and you're free to use it provided (a) you give me a nod and (b) you let me know what you figure out.

There would be mathematical analysis, literature review, programming, and writing up results. It would make for a fine thesis, unless the problem is really easy to solve.

Or come up with your own problem, show that it's interesting, and try to find algorithms that solve it. If you can find fast ones, excellent. Otherwise, it may be possible to prove its difficulty, and that would be fantastic.

On the more practical side, anything with parallelism is golden.

The vast majority of Web sites are created by responsible individuals and organizations for positive and legitimate purposes. Web sites that are inappropriate for children or are offensive to people of various ages, however, do exist. Such web sites may contain graphic photos or video and distasteful language. Given that the Web is an open forum for expression and the Constitution of most countries guarantees freedom of speech, what, if any, restrictions should be placed on these web sites? Explain why the restrictions would or would not be justified, and who should make the decision as to which Web sites should be restricted?

Please help me in my thesis proposal...i dont have any title yet...

This subject has been discussed here a gazillion times before. Use the searchbox.