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what is max access database size?
how many records per table is maximum allowed in access 2000?
i am going to need a database with aprox. 50 000 new records per year, is access 2000 a good choice?

Access (or any desktop database) is a poor choice for any database of that size, you really need to look at a full RDBMS.
Take a look at Firebird, MS SQL Server, Oracle, products like that.


What type of soft do you have? Do all data are saved in two-tree tables? Do you need to work constantly with all data?

Database selection depends on your answers.

almost all of the data is going to be saved in 3 tables. i have other 15 to 20 tables , but in them is some data that is not going to be added, or updated, only read from time to time. Application is some kind of storage for vaccine management, with inputs, orders and outputs, but with no invoices

Now I’m sure you need MSSQL or something like this one for your project. Access can manage no more than 10,000 records per table normal. He can manage more but it work very slow. Your client kick off you with it. If it is web application it is easy to migrate to MSSQL. If you use Access forms you need to rewrite some code. It depends of architecture of your soft.

And if it's ever going to be used in a multiuser environment Access will quickly break down.

btw, don't think there will be no billing/invoicing/etc. in the system. It may not be planned now but soon enough someone will come up with a bright idea (and another bright idea to make it accessible over the web for people using laptops in the field for example) :)
Applications have a tendency to get larger and larger as more people get wind of their existence and start getting ideas about what would be handy if the application could just do that.

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