Hi, i'm looking to learn a programming language, but i don't know which. Can someone help me? I did some Pascal, C, C++ and Fox Pro in highschool and some HTML, PHP, MySql in faculty.
What do you guys advise me to do?

My recommendation is getting back to learning more about C. C is a good language to learn about the important things like memory management, pointers, etc..

On the other hand Java is a good language to start from as well, to learn algorithms, design patterns, and then go to pointers and such. Different methods I guess.

...i guess, you need to figure out first which of these PL's you enjoyed working with.

You don't have to select a certain PL because of its special features...
You, as the programmer must enjoy what you are doing...

Then the next key is to explore... and soon you'll find the best PL for you...!

depends on what you want to do. if u need speed, id suggest c or c++. if u want safety, java is a good bet.. umm, ive heard python is easy to start off with.. if ur nuts, learn haskell!

As Dhruv Gairola said it depends on what you want. It seems things are going to C# and Java. C# mostly for companies trying to port legacy apps, and Java for the high earners. This is a personal decision :) Just study hard whatever language you choice. Remember that Knowledge is Power!

I will replace C# with C++ and java with python.

C++ and python are taking the PL. Expecialy Java is sucking nowadays since it take you too much typing for a simple stuff in python.

well thats my take ;)

Hi Permalink,

You must be at your hard time figuring out what future hold in this field rite. Well just some ideas for you. I have been doing Pascal, C, C++, VB, Assembler, FoxPro, Perl, Java. Finally stuck with .NET's C#. (Never thought I would end up on M'soft.) Every language has got its own character and strength.

If you are taking your first step into this world, you have the choice to make selections based on your:
i) interest (field of interest, e.g. image processing, hardware programming etc.)
ii) and tools to articulate your ideas (e.g. programming languages)

Software Engineering is a mixture of engineering, art and science, depends which way you want take it.

If you are interested in business software, then learn a framework (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_framework - good reason why framework is important) and learn the layer you want to specialize (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multitier_architecture - focus on a place first to start).

Of course you have to have a solid logic mind to be a programmer, try to do a lot of practices on that. Learn and master a language (syntax, program-flow, data-structures, multi-threading, asynchronous methods), OOP concepts (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_pattern_(computer_science) ). With this two you will arrive at the software engineering world, stay and brush up your skills. The next step is to embrace design concepts (you will reach here, if your succeed in the 1st step).

If you are interested in scientific software, then I would say C/C++ is great. Learn a lot of syntax and concepts. Please take advice from the master (very inspiring) here: http://www.daniweb.com/interviews/interview313564.html

Hope it gives you a small clue to figure out your next step.

If cannot figure out which road to take, just keep walking and don‘t turn back, you will reach somewhere.

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Hi, sorry new to the site. Just realized the mistake (Permalink). Pls excuse guys.

ok, thx very much guys, you are a real help