Has anyone taken the AP Computer Science course in high school taught in Java? if so can you tell me how hard it is and all that stuff? Even if you took the course taught in a diffrent language i would appreciate if you would tell me about it.

Thanks for the help...

I took the course the first year it was taught in C++. It was pretty fun. I can't tell you much about the A.P. exam because I was completely sick when I took it with a high fever and all.

was it as hard as what you thought it was going to be?

I took AP CS A, B, and AB. They were all in C++. I think the first 2 were fun, and not too tough. But the AB course was an independent study, me, another student, and the teacher. I got a 3, other kid got a 5 (sick nerd genius), and the teacher got a 2. It was much more difficult for me then.

I was able to land a job as webmaster for my school district in my freshman year. For the past two years, we've been working heavily with PHP and Javascript which gave me a great background for working with Java (I had already studied QBasic and C++ on the side, which was background for PHP). So when I decided to pick up Java, I was able to do so with relative ease.

I read the first half of a Java book and was able to pass the AP Computer Science A test with a 4, largely because I only needed to learn the object-oriented peculiarities (well, differences from C++) in Java. I didn't even attempt to answer any of the marine biology questions, as I hadn't taken a single look at the program in advance (though, if I had, I may have booked a five instead).

I'd say, despite my experience, that AP Computer Science is very easy. A fellow student took the test and was able to pull off a two, though he had never studied programming in his life (he was able to simply use logic throughout).