I have a final year project about rain detection and removing from video using MATLAB, I dont know how to start please help any ideas are appreciated, thanks.

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One wonders what your first post was like, because I'm still in the dark.

> about rain detection and removing from video
Video tape used to have little white flecks on it, which was called 'snow'. I guess with global warming, it's now rain.

really not easy project ;-).

First of all you have to detect the rain drops. How to do it? Drops are falling from top to bottom and you now that it has an velocity. So teoretical to recognize the drops you will need minimum 2 scenes (frames), you compare it (we assume that the objects in backround are static), so we can get to positions of drops. I don't know if matlab has some algoritms inside that do this work or something like, but you should try to algoritmie it alone. You know that the rain drops are transparent, but the make some bucking (deformations), so the second step is to estimate the picture without drops. You should use some interpolantion algorithm to calculate the value of pixels they should be right. I don't know how clean and pure must be a picture after cleaning, but I say that it's no very easy, bu you should try some varations, and choose the better resoult ;-)

good luck!