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I'm new to this forum and new in the field of software development as well. Anyway, let get to the point. Following is the scenario in which I badly need help:

Its basically a printing press software which will have all the job details (Only details) that have done or have to be done for the specific company say "Lipton". So, there might be a complete job information stored and whenever I need to see all the job details, this software should help me.

I want to make an application or u can say software whose features will be,

Company Name, Job ID, Job Nature, Job Status, Job Date (When Done), Job Date (Expected to be done), Job Preview (Image Preview).

To store the Job Information there should a simple form like thing which should grab all the information and store at a place from where the software could show me the same job information which I entered when I inquire using Job ID or Name.

Please tell me how can I make this application easily?


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No, Basically I need to make a software like that .. For Example Banks have their own softwares to work on.


No, Basically I need to make a software like that ..

I suspected that was the case, but you asked for easy, and if you're new to software development this project won't be particularly easy. If you're targeting Windows, I'd suggest Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express. Visual Studio makes it easy to drag and drop GUI elements and bind to data sources without writing any code.

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