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I'm a computer science student and what I'm wondering I'm pretty sure its a bot program that I'm interested in but I would like to create a web based program to go to cite A and grab updated information to report it to me I'm just looking for a place to start for this.

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Python has some awesome built-in functions that should make this assignment pretty easy. Python's urllib can look up the raw html code of a webpage, and based on your code, can return whatever value from the website you want. You'll find that Python's built-in string() functions will help a lot here. You can use

import urllib.request
page = urllib.request.urlopen("your website url goes here")
text = page.read().decode("utf8")

to return the raw html from whatever website you enter as the argument for urlopen().

Check out python's documentation for more information on the built-in libraries.

I'm sure there are many other ways to do this, possibly more efficient ways, but Python is really the only programming language I have any knowledge of at this point, and this will work.

What exactly are you trying to look up anyway?

P.S. this code is python 3.1 syntax..I'm not 100% sure that it will work in 2.X

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