Does anyone know what a plain text substitution might be? For example,

If I had to find the plain text substitution of "Hello World" would I count the characters?

I'm really confused, anyone have any ideas?

Thanks :)

I don't understand the question. What do you mean by "plain text substitution"?

mmm me neither, that's whats confusing me!!

The question is:

Answer = plain text substitution of the 7th value of Sequence A;

Thanks :)

Is this a class on encryption or something? Throw us a bone here. What's the context?

We got given a list of countries, from this we had to find out the missing country.. The answer CAN ONLY be a two digit number. There's a calculation that has to be performed:

(find the plain text substitution) MOD 78) * 7;

Does this make anymore sense?

I'm intrigued, and finding the country would be easy, but the phrase "plain text substitution MOD 78" part, just won't let my head wrap around this problem.

There must be some little tidbit of info more -- c'mon, spill it!

<< bright light, 3rd degree regards >> ;)